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We believe in the power of urban public spaces

Green space is not merely corners of cities filled with trees. It is the urban living room, enjoyed by all citizens. It is associated with unique identities, and carries the experiences of people's public life. On a grander scale, it becomes the green fabric that weaves together the city, providing continuity and coherency for people and urban ecologies. It injects and catalyzes energy.

Plaxecity Landscape + Planning is incorporated both in California, USA, and Shenzhen, China. Its Chinese name "一场" means "the place". We combine expertise in vision, landscape design, structure design, land arts and art installation, together with urban ecologies, resiliency and sponge city, to create a practice that focuses on creating "the place" for every community and city it serves.

Since 2017, we have been actively involved in urban public space design in China. Our projects include park, plaza, waterfront, greenway and campus, in addition to public arts. Please scroll down to read our design exploration. You can also click here to view our project gallery

  • Identities


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  • Technicalities

    Green Network


We create icons in landscape projects in a very localized and context-specific way. So it's not just an icon, but a continuation of culture. In this case, we re-interpreted ancient buddist towers that were riverfront icons of its time.

of Public Space

Scenes form impressions form experience and memory of places. We articulate scenes in public landscapes. In Chonqging, we made the cable car, a culturally significant object, into a main visual and landscape corridor.

Spelled and pronounced

We love nicely sculptive forms that are coherent to design concepts. In this mountain-side greenway, the facade lines of the bridge resemble the waves of the mountain.

Made rich and diverse

Public space is not just about being grand. It needs a variety of scales and types of spaces to create layers that will accomodate activities and user groups. This little botanical garden is embedded in a larger site to provide a nice retreat.

Art Events
For exploration

We are constantly engaged in the dialouge to reimagine spaces of tomorrow, then use art exhibition as the venue for public discussion and experiments. This image depicts our work at 2019 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, the largest such Biennale globally.

Lead Design Team

Plaxecity l+p has an elite design team with a strong focus on high-profile urban public landscapes. The team is invested in public space research and practice, with a strong technical capacity to deploy parametric design, and ecological and resiliency technologies. Our design talent is further reinforced by the ability to deliver projects through construction. This palette of expertise has enabled us to be creative and contextually aligned, formally bold in our pursuit yet constructable and budget sensitive. It allows us to be realistically beautiful.

  • Prof. Yujia Wang

    M.L.A, ASLA, CoE

    Prof. Yujia Wang is a landscape planner, educator and curator. He holds a Distinction degree from Harvard. Yujia is active in the urban public realm, having led and designed many high-profile projects in China, USA, and other places in the world. He advocates for modern design that is place-specific and culturally meaningful, while incorporating ecological strategies and technologies in his projects. He is also a current member on the Committee on Education for landscape architecture in the USA. Formerly, he worked at the renowned Sasaki Associates.

  • Zikai Zhuang


    Zikai Zhuang is a landscape architect. His expertise is in advanced digital design, with keen eyes on form making and on incorporating land arts in landscape projects in ways that are contextually significant. Zikai is experienced in cross-border design, collaboration and management. Trained both as an architect and landscape architect, Zikai designs the duo in public space with a holistic view. Previously, he had worked at the avant-garde design office of Akihisa Hirata.

  • Hongduo Zhuo

    M.L.A NLA

    Hongduo Zhuo has years of education and practice experience in Europe, where he worked on high profile urban and landscape projects in Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. He is responsible for project wins at several international CFPs. He is influenced by sustainable practice in designing with nature through his experience working in the Nordic countries, including material usage and treatment of details in context. He previously worked at BBjarke Ingels Group (B.I.G).

  • Tong Zhang

    M.ARCH Architect

    Tong Zhang is an architect by training and has practice and education background across China, US, and Japan. She mainly works on public architecture and recently on large installations. Tong had worked as an architect at the renowned Junya Ishigami + Associates, which influenced how she approach place-making in architecture and other designed spaces. At Plaxecity, Tong leads efforts in designing architecture and structures in public landscapes. Her focus is on creating immersive spatial experience.


For more information or for project opportunities, please email You can also reach us via WeChat by scanning the QR Code.

We are always looking for people who are passionate about public space like we do. Please email your portfolio and resume (PDF, no more than 10MB and 30 pages) to Please note that Mandarine is a required working language. We will reach out to you if we have a suitable position